MTB Cameras

Our mission is to provide retailers and manufacturers of trucks, buses, forestry machinery, trucks, related machinery and vehicles, bodybuilders and trailer manufacturers, with high-quality camera solutions since 1999.

We have the most complete camera solutions.

Compatibility – MTB can as premier provider offer camera system where all camera models can be connected to any monitor with a single cable. This means that the first generation of cameras can be connected to today’s monitors and vice versa. All MTB cameras, including auto shutter camera and MTB monitors are compatible with each other with a single 4-pin connector.

A old MTB camera or monitor can be connected to a new MTB camera or monitor without the need to install new camera cables. All MTB cameras and monitors are compatible with each other.

MTB-camera system is the best solution for problems with a vehicle’s blind spots. All MTB cameras are specially designed for professional use in the Nordic climate, with visibility around the vehicle.

MTB has over many years built up a very good reputation with customers throughout Europe thanks to its reliability. The work of the MTB’s advanced production facilities based on many years of practical experience in professional RND team, customer preferences. Under the quality management system is carried out regularly test of function and performance. The tests are normally carried out by independent test institutes in order to guarantee stability of the equipment. EU-certified, CE, EMC approved, RoHS.

MTB’s line of professional products based on the latest developments and technology that involves real progress in terms of security.

We also supply OEM and ODM solutions.