MTB 7400Q

MTB 7400Q

IP64 Ability to connect 4 cameras and then “trigger” them through example back signal, turn signal and vehicle speed signal (tachograph) which is required for passing the assembly of the front camera. PIP (picture in picture), the ability to display 1,2,3 or 4 cameras on the screen. Shock resistant to 10G. 10 ~ 30V



MTB 8400QD

High Resolution 8″ DIGITAL TFT LCD Monitor, 4 Camera Inputs & 4 Triggers, 2 Types Parking Line, Waterproof Housing (IP-64), Built-in Speaker, Speed Switch Function, Shutter Memory Function. Free Input Voltage (DC 10V ~ 30V),NTSC / PAL Compatibility,4 Camera Inputs & 4 Triggers








Industrial Monitors in metal shells from 8.4 “to 19″
* Power supply 12V
* Inputs: AV composite, VGA, DVI
* Metal housing
* Automotive plugs
* Resistant against vibrations
* For application under extrem conditions
* Supports voltage from 11V-16V
* Remote control (12″-19”)
* Compatible with VESA 75/100